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Friday, December 5, 2014

Review and Box Office Report of Bengali Film Sandhay Namar Agey

Bengali Film Sandhay Namar Agey is a thriller movie and this is the second movie of TV reporter turned director Rhitobrata Bhattacharya.

Story of Sandhay Namar Agey

Rusha is the daughter of famous model Elina and renowned writer Subinoy. Subinoy was hanged to death for murderinh his wife. Rusha returns to India 20 years after to reopen the case and recruits private investigator and ex-cop Protyush.


Biswajit Chatterjee
Rahul Bose as Protyush
Palash Sen
Nusrat Jahan as Rusha
Arijit Dutta as Subinoy
Sanjiban Guha
Debjani Chatterjee
Priya Karfa

Direction: Rhitobrata Bhattacharya 

Review and Box Office Report of Sandhay Namar Agey

Film of Sondhay Namar Agey is based on a strong and interesting story. Many eminent powerful actors are casted in the film of Sandhay Namar Agey.

All the positive features of the film failed miserably to make the film a memorable one. The film revolves around a case of 20 years back but it seems that everything has happened recently. The director failed to create the situation.

Palash Sen portrayed character is Promit Sen. Palash Sen is lover of Rituparna Sengupta in film of Sandhay Namar Agey.  All the characters excepting Promit Sen seem to be remained at the same age as they were 20 years back. In a word, the film of Sandhay Namar Agey could have been a good film but has failed to impress.

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