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Friday, January 23, 2015

Rituparna Roopa Indrani in Film Aro Ekbar

Rituparna Sengupta
Looking for upcoming films of Rituparna Sengupta? Indrani Halder is back again in Bengali films after a long gap. Want to know next film of Indrani Halder? Roopa Ganguly is now working in woman centric films and she has established herself as a powerful actress. Recently Roopa Ganguly has joined politics. Will Roopa continue her acting as earlier? Read this article you will get the answers.

For the first time three powerful actresses of Bengali film – Rituparna Sengupta, Indrani Halder and Roopa Ganguly will be seen together in a Bengali film titled Aro Ekbar. The film Aro Ekbar is a women centric film where all the three actresses play the role of 40 plus characters. The film is based on three middle aged women. In many cases women after a certain age face a crisis in their lives. They become a victim of loneliness. At this stage of life, a true friend is needed who will care and share her feelings.

Story of the film Aro Ekbar

Film Aro Ekbar is based on three women who have crossed 40. The three women are not of same age or from the same class but they are friends. Due to age factor a crisis appears in their lives. Roopa Ganguly plays the role of a house wife whose world revolves around her son and husband.

Rituparna Sengupta is playing the role of a divorcee woman named Jhumur. Jhumur falls in love even after her divorce.

Indrani Halder’s character is a widow who returns from Delhi to Kolkata after her husband’s death. The widow has a daughter.

Cast and Crew of film Aro Ekbar


Roopa Ganguly
Indrani Halder

Director of Aro Ekbar: Arijit Halder
Music Director of Aro Ekbar: Smiti Lala
Producer of Aro Ekbar: Akash Chottopadhyay

Script of Aro Ekbar written by: Sarbajit Chakraborty

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