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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Payel Sarkar and other Bengali actresses of her generation

Payel Sarkar is one of the most promising actresses in Bengali films among the new generation actresses. Payel is one of the busiest actresses in Bengali films and she is also working in Bollywood Hindi films.
Payel Sarkar

Year 2015 and Payel Sarkar films are: Ebar Shabor, Lorai, Guddu Ki Gun (Hindi), Amanush 2, Jamai 420, Agantuker Pore, Jomer Raja Dilo Bor.

Payel Sarkar and Abir Chatterjee on screen chemistry is working fine in the box office. Payel is the darling of many production houses. The question is what type of relationship Payel shares with her co-stars specially other heroines in Bengali films?

Payel Sarkar and her generation Bengali film actresses

Payel Sarkar has worked in many films with Mimi Chakraborty but they don't share a very good rapport. Both Mimi and Payel share back-to-back birthday but they never wish each other.

Once hot news in Tollywood was the relationship between Payel Sarkar and film director Raj Chakraborty but now the chapter is closed. Payel thinks that their outlook towards life is different so it was impossible to continue.

Actress Tanusree Chakraborty is a good friend of Payel Sarkar.

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