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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Payel Sarkar and her debut Hindi film Guddu Ki Gun

Payel Sarkar
Payel sarkar is a busy actress in Tollywood and like many other Bengali actresses she has an eye on Bollywood. Payel Sarkar made her debut in Hindi film with Guddu Ki Gun which is a sex comedy. Payel has played many glamorous characters in Bengali films but in her first Hindi film the young actress was totally in a deglamorise role.

Payel Sarkar played the role of Kali in film Guddu Ki Gun who is an ugly woman. The story is also different type, the main male character in the film has a golden organ. Payel thinks the story is not at all vulgar, it’s totally entertaining film. Few of the jokes in the film are very direct and those are:

1. When Guddu’s organ turns gold, a cleavage-baring nurse examines him and says she can sell his private parts and become rich!

2. Guddu, a detergent powder salesman, ends up making out with numerous boudis. But when he becomes the man with the golden gun, he starts believing that he’s been cursed by one of the women. He meets the grandfather (Biplab Chatterjee) of a girl he had dated and ditched once. The grandfather, a Kali bhakt, tells Guddu that he had cursed him. Guddu’s reply? ‘Aapne meri man power ko golden tower bana diya’! 

3. Shantilal Mukhopadhyay plays Antique Moshai, a Bengali businessman who has a pretty wife with whom Guddu has done quite a bit of target practice. When he learns about his wife’s extracurricular activities, he gets Guddu’s gun chopped off by a doctor and sells it to a Frenchman! 

4. Payel’s Kali tells Guddu that she knows why he is after her: ‘Aapka woh soney ka ho gaya na?’ 

This type of film won’t never help Payel to make her entry in Bollywood films so Payel has to choose perfect films in Bollywood.

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