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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rituparna Sengupta again at the top position in Bengali films

Rituparna Sengupta
The famous Tollygunge actress Rituparna Sengupta, who has had to face innumerable insults from the film industry is back again, this time, with a bang. On the previous friday, her film 'Bela Seshe' will fall on its epic 26th week. On this very date , her another highly intellectual film 'Rajkahini' was released, the film directed by Srijit Mukhopadhyay which has gathered many compliments from heavyweights all over Bengal and outside . The shooting of her much awaited film with Prosenjit Chatterjee has been started. The woman who used to get frightened by texts asking her to be present at the film festivals is ready to rock the floor today. She has been awarded in recent times by state officials. In other stories, our darling Rituparna has once again made a halo of fame around her.

Almost all Bengalis know that Rituparna was not in the number 1 for many days in Tollywood. While she was not getting any leading actors to act with her and she was compelled to do maximum films alone, another actress Koel was making the platform stronger for her career. To many, Koel is beautiful and has that girl-next-door quality in her which they did not find in Rituparna. All these things depressed Rituparna like anything. She once used to rule the industry with her talents and, before some days also she was not to be found in the list of top actresses.

When asked about her sudden comeback, she exclaimed that , may be, its just because of the fact that she is very passionate about acting than others. The adrenaline rush which she experiences during acting is overpowering, she told.

It has always been a matter of amazement about how Rituparna manages to be fit and steady inspire of her busy schedule like roaming over to important functions and programmes. The need of an answer is increasing nowadays. But in the last few years, not a single actor was beside her. She was left alone,very alone. She was asked about how she used to motivate her. She answered with huge dignity," I knew I had to fight the battle alone. Slowly, I myself became the hero of my film." The matters had got so worsened that she had to back off signing films, else of which 'others' would have got irritated with her presence. The producers who had never dreamt of Rituparna signing their films, got her as the leading actress without having to convince her much.

" I used to cry incessantly", she said with deep sorrow. Once,she said, Bollywood King Khan had inspired her a lot. He had said,"the industry is very cruel and you, you have to be ruthless in order to work". This words definitely helped her to rise above and above. When questioned about the darkness behind this success, she said that she would love to thanks all those who let her down before, because for them she has been able to rise this high. This beautiful lady has got many attractive projects in her hand now. Like 'Good Morning Sunshine' ,an English movie on which she will be working. Sipping on a glass of juice, she was telling about her innovative ideas on films, like she has created a new 'gharana' of acting.

The reporters then questioned her that how does she manage her personal and professional life, doesn't she feel like receiving her daughter way back from school or spending more time with her husband. It would have obviously been better if she could spend more time with family, but she wants to utilise all the chances the film industry is giving her. After saying this, she left. She left for, firstly photoshoot, then inaugurating a Puja Pandal , then ramp walk for a friend. Well, the list continues !

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