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Friday, January 1, 2016

Bengali film Zulfikar – story cast and crew of the movie

Srijit Mukherji's upcoming film Zulfikar is an adaptation from two Shakespeare classics - Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. Prosenjit Chatterjee will play the character of Julius Ceaser and Nusrat Jahan will be seen as Cleopetra in the film Zulfikar.

Story of the film Zulfikar

The film Zulfikar will not portray the age of Julius Ceaser, it is based on present day Kolkata and will deal with the mafia and the underworld of the city. Zulfikar is the first ever double adaptation of Shakespeare on big screen.

The main characters in film Zulfikar are inspired by Julius Ceasar, Markus Brutus, Mark Antony, Cassius, Lepidus, Enobarbus, Calpurnia, Cleopatra, Portia, Octavia and many more.

Cast and crew of film Zulfikar


 Prosenjit Chatterjee as Julius Ceaser
 Jisshu Sengupta
Parambrata Chattopadhyay
Rudranil Ghosh
Kanchan Mullick
Kaushik Sen
Paoli Dam as Calpurnia
Nusrat Jahan as Cleopetra
Kyra Dutt
June Maliah as Portia 


Director of Zulfikar: Srijit Mukherji
Music Director of film Zulfikar: Anupam Roy

Zulfikar is a venture of Shree Venkatesh Films

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