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Friday, August 19, 2016

Fake news published on Madhumita Sarkar Chakraborty

Madhumita Sarkar Chakraborty

A fake news has been published on Bengali TV actress Madhumita Sarkar. Few websites in Bangladesh has posted fake news on Madhumita that the TV serial actress, popular as 'Pakhi' is arrested in Goa for her connection with flesh trade.

Recently a Bollywood actress is arrested in Goa for her connection with running a prostitution business but Madhumita has no connection with it.

Madhumita recently tied the knot with Sourav Chakraborty who is also a TV actor. Both Madhumita and Sourav are very upset with such fake news in some of the Bangladeshi websites. The couple have decided to take the help of law and today (19 August 2016) they met officials at Lal Bazar. Madhumita and Sourav have narrated every thing they have viewed in the web. Three Bangladeshi portals have set face of Madhumita on naked body of others and such 100 fake images are viral in the net. Many fake facebook accounts in the name of Madhumita Sarkar are operated by unknown people. Sourav and Madhumita will very soon meet the press jointly.

Such dirty acts are condemned. 

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