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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Raj and Mimi Chakraborty break up and the new relationship

Mimi and Raj Chakraborty
Raj Chakrabarty and Mimi Chakraborty never accepted and denied that news of their relationship but everyone in Tollywood knows that they were in love. Latest hot news in Tollywood is that Mimi Chakraborty is no more interested on Raj Chakraborty. Raj and Mimi Chakraborty break up is unavoidable.

Recently Mimi Chakraborty has returned from Turkey where she was shooting for Birsa Dasgupta's upcoming film Gangster opposite Yash Dasgupta. Mimi Chakraborty met Melih Gulhan Kızılkaya, a 20-year-old, during her stay at Turkey. Melih is the son of Gangster's local crew from Turkey. Mimi and Melih are in love. Mimi Chakraborty is 27 year old.

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Recently Mimi Chakraborty was shooting in Turkey and Raj Chakraborty was in Italy with his team for shooting of film Abhiman. Raj Chakraborty himself dropped Mimi at the airport while she was leaving for Turkey. Everything happened in Turkey. It is learnt that Mimi Chakraborty almost stopped communications with Raj through calls or message. Raj Chakraborty came to know about Mimi’s new love from Birsa's team.

A year back, Mimi Chakraborty was in Turkey for shooting of Birsa Dasgupta's  film, Sudhu Tomari Jonnyo. At that time Mimi met Mileh, the son of local line producer Ilhan Kzlky. Raj and Mimi had a huge fight over the issue but things returned to normal when Mimi came back to Kolkata after the shooting.

This time Mimi is no mood to forget her love for Melih. Let’s wait and watch what happens in future.

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