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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rose Valley scam and Top Tollywood actress

Rituparna Sengupta

Who is the top Tollywood Bengali films actress involved in Rose Valley scam? Is she linked with any political party? It is expected that very soon we will come to know about the actress.

Latest hot news in Rose Valley scam and Tollywood is that a top Tollywood actress had allegedly enabled transactions worth Rs 350 crore from a Singapore-based firm through Hawala channels for Rose Valley.

It is said that the actress went with prime accused and Rose Valley owner Gautam Kundu on several foreign trips and enabled him to buy and sell several Bengali films. The actress will soon be summoned by the CBI for interrogation.

A source said “Movements of the actress were closely monitored for the past three years. All the evidences proving her involvement in the scam were carefully knit together to make the case fool-proof, considering the mass following and political clout of the actress.”

Tollywood actresses like Sandhya Roy, Shatabdi Roy are Trinamool Congress MPs and Debashree Roy is Trinamool Congress MLA. 

Another top Bengali actress is Rituparna Sengupta, although she is not directly involved in politics but she has a connection with Singapore. Rituparna Sengupta's husband, Sanjay Chakraborty resides in Singapore. It is heard that CBI will summon one top Bengali Tollywood actress in connection with Rose Valley scam and rumour is that the actress's husband resides in Singapore. Sources close to the CBI revealed that  the actress enabled transactions worth 350 crore from a Singapore-based firm through hawala channels for Rose Valley. As soon as the actress got the news that CBI is getting ready to summon her, she is planning to leave India. CBI has taken the appropriate steps so that Visa is not granted to the actress. CBI has informed all the airports in the country with the passport number of the actress so that the actress can not leave the country.

Latest update is that CBI is keeping close watch on three Tollywood actresses related to Rose Valley scam. One is a top Bengali actress with Singapore link, the second actress is also a popular actress of Bengali films. The second actress has worked mainly in second lead roles in films and the third actress works both in Tollywood and Bollywood. It is also said that the third actress has recently joined a political party.

Another Bengali actress is expected to be linked with Rose Valley scam. The actress is known for acting in bold scenes in both Bengali and Bollywood films. The unmarried actress is supposed to tie the knot this year and her would be husband resides in other state.

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