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Friday, June 19, 2020

Rhea Chakraborty Interrogated For 9 hours On Following Issues

Sushant Singh Rajput's death has caused a nationwide stir with the entire film fraternity and the countrymen mourning his death. There has been a lot of things that have spiraled post his untimely demise. While social media is boiling with the whole nepotism debate, the Mumbai Police had been investigating the matter. Earlier in the day, the police summoned Sushant's rumoured girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and interrogated her. The interrogation went on for over 9 hours and the actress was accompanied by her father. "In the last few months, the person who was the closest to Sushant was Rhea and they were together almost all the time. Police decided to call her first today," the source told us. The same source while talking to us, revealed what the 9-hour interrogation entailed.

Their relationship and marriage

Rhea and Sushant were rumoured to be in a relationship and were also staying together the entire lockdown. While both of them never accepted or denied the rumours, the police asked Rhea about it all. "Rhea was asked to show all the text messages exchanged between the two. Her entire phone was scanned, including all their pictures and videos together. Rhea spoke about living in with Sushant and also revealed that they were planning to buy a property as well, as revealed by their broker previously. She admitted that they did plan to get married by the end of 2020," the source adds. 

The breakup

Rhea and Sushant were living at his Carter Road penthouse which he had rented along with his friend, Siddharth Pitani. But she decided to move out with her bags just a few days before Sushant's death. Our source adds, "Police raised suspicion about that and also asked her if they had decided to breakup. It seems she informed the police how they had a fight and she left. She showed the text messages exchanged after that between her and Sushant and also told them that they did speak over calls." In fact, Sushant had also called Rhea on Saturday night, a few hours before he allegedly gave up on his life. "Rhea happens to be the last person Sushant dialed before going to sleep. The actor called Mahesh Shetty first who didn't answer and then called Rhea who also didn't pick up the call. He went to sleep, woke up and saw Mahesh had returned the call. He called him back but it didn't get connected," call records suggested. 

The depression

In the last few months, after Sushant was diagnosed with clinical depression, Rhea was the only person who was with him almost all the time. "Police asked her about his behavioural changes that she noticed. She not only spoke about it but apparently showed proof that proved how he was undergoing treatment for clinical depression. Sushant had turned towards meditation and yoga to maintain his well-being. She also told police that there would be days when he would feel extremely low and upset. She also shared that he would refuse to take his medication and she tried to coax him to take them but to no avail," our source reveals. Right after Sushant's death, there was a news report doing the rounds about how Mahesh Bhatt reportedly asked Rhea to vacate the flat and leave Sushant immediately after she told her about him hearing voices and behaving strangely. But it's not known if that was addressed during the interrogation. 

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Films and projects

With Sushant completely disconnecting himself from the world, Rhea had taken over his work in a way. Rhea and Sushant were supposed to begin Rumi Jaffrey's next but the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown played spoilsport. But she did reveal that Sushant had enough projects in hand and was also talking to many more. According to our source, "In fact there was more than one film being planned with Sushant and Rhea together. Sushant's date diary would have been full till next year with the projects he was almost locked in. She gave police the details about all the projects Sushant was in talks for," informed the police. 

Relationship with his friends and family

Rhea was also asked about the bond she shared with Sushant's family and friends. There have been news reports that are speculating that she had a strained relationship with Sushant's circle of family and friends. Apparently, she had a major argument with Sushant about his flatmate and friend Siddharth Patani. She expressed her displeasure at Sushant allowing his friend to stay in the house and had even suggested he ask him to vacate the flat. We also hear the actor's family too wasn't too fond of her. "She told the police that once she decided to leave knowing Sushant's condition, she also informed his sister and asked her to come and stay with him. But once Sushant decided to end his life on Sunday, the family expressed their reservation about her presence at the funeral." 

Father wasn't allowed inside

Although Rhea was accompanied by her father to the police station, she was interrogated separately. "The police questioned her about everything and her father wasn't allowed to be present while she was being interrogated." She could be seen leaving the police station with her dad and when the media quizzed her about it, she just greeted them with folded hands without saying a word. 

Now, Rhea has recorded her statement and the police is analyzing everything she had to say. They also plan to call a few others who were in touch with Sushant and met him in the last 10 days before his death. Watch this space for more updates.

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