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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Swastika Dutta Trolled For Posting Bold Picture

 Popular television actress Swastika Dutta did not remain silent at all. Instead, he took part of the netizens in one hand. The actress explained that protesting against trolls is the only weapon. And that's why social media is all about Swastika's post.

What exactly did the actress do?

The incident started from a picture posted by the actress on Facebook. In the film, the actress is seen in a torn jeans shirt. Most of the buttons on the shirt are open. As a result, underwear was clearly seen. Even, clear bust division! After seeing such pictures of Swastika, some netizens have started mocking the actress. Swastika also noticed various comments in the comment box below the photo.

Trolling celebrities is nothing new. This number seems to be increasing day by day on social media. But Swastika thinks it should be protested from time to time. And so this time not to be silent, the actress gave a worthy answer to netizens.

Some people wrote in this picture of Swastika, there is no work so Swastika posted such picture to stay in the news. Again many wrote, ‘No polite dress? Swastika may have lost the knowledge of what to wear where. 'Seeing such comments, Swastika could not remain silent. Netizens wrote, "I know where to wear bikinis or swimsuits and where to wear dhakai jamdani, it is well known, I have been working in the industry regularly." Cleavage is a part of body like mouth, hands, feet. The picture is beautiful so I shared it. '

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