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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Srabanti and Roshan Singh In Social Media

 Actress  Srabanti Chatterjee and her husband Roshan Singh are are again creating hot news in social media. Earlier, the two had shared complaints, grievances, anger and affection over the broken relationship. Sometimes Roshan is in the face of Srabanti's words, sometimes Srabanti is tilted in response to Roshan. And this time the actress faced a strange question from Roshan. But not directly. Instead, Roshan has slandered Srabanti in his new post without naming her! At least that's what the critics think.

What exactly did Roshan write?

Roshan Singh recently wrote in his Instagram story in English, why does she add a new love with each marriage? Although Srabanti's name is not mentioned in this statement of Roshan, it is clear that this statement is aimed at a woman! Netizens, however, say that Roshan stabbed Srabanti in this Instagram story.

The relationship between Srabanti and Roshan has come to a standstill after going to court. The couple has been blaming each other on social media ever since their relationship soured. And with that, netizens are not giving up trolling at different times. What is the fault of the critics? If Srabanti-Roshan hand over the supplies of rumour themselves. Then there must be condemnation! However, Srabanti does not bother with these. Instead, the actress is busy with her new boyfriend Abhirup Nagchowdhury.

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