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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Srabanti In Troubles After Posting Photo With Chained Mongoose

 Srabanti Chatterjee posted a picture on social media with chained Mongoose and after that she is in trouble. The actress was harassed by the forest department during interrogation. Also on Tuesday was to attend the Wildlife Crime Control Cell and Data Management Unit in Salt Lake.

The incident started on January 15. On that day, the actress posted a picture with Mongoose. A buckle was attached to the neck of a small animal. Which was tied with a thick chain. The photo was probably taken during the shooting. In the caption, Srabanti wrote, "Suddenly I met my little friend."

Many netizens objected to this picture posted by Srabanti at that time. No innocent animal should be tied up like this. That was reported in the comment box. The Tollywood actress was later charged under Sections 9, 11, 39, 46A, 49 and 49A of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. She was asked to appear before the Wildlife Crime Control Cell and Data Management Unit in Salt Lake. 

After receiving the summons, Srabanti first went to Aranya Bhaban on Monday. She then appeared in the Wildlife Crime Control Cell. The actress was constantly interrogated there. She was also ordered to appear on Tuesday. It is reported that there is a wide-ranging interrogation even today. How did the animal come to Srabanti? hat's why the forest department officials are trying to find out. If necessary, the actress may be called for questioning a few more times. It is heard that Srabanti has informed the officials of the forest department that she has committed such an act without realizing it. She is ready to help in any way if necessary.

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