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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Why Mithu Mukherjee Disappeared From Film Industry And How Is She Now

 The year was probably 1967-68 and at that time Mithu Mukherjee made her stage debut in Rabindranath's 'Taser Desh' dance drama at Shyambazar Bhatrisangha club's Silver Jubilee Festival. After that Mithu entered Bengali films as a heroine due to her good dancing skills. Mithu's first film was Chitta Basu's 'Sheesh Parbo', which later became the Hindi remake of Amitabh-Hema's 'Bagbaan'. 

Actress Mithu Mukherjee arrived on the silver screen with a youthful look in the seventies. In her form, physique, there was unwavering sex appeal, and again, the combination of a goddess face. In Dinen Gupta's film 'Marzina Abdalla', Mithu became the leading actress in Bengal after playing Marzina in an Egyptian dress. Mithu first came into the limelight as Margina.

After that, Mithu also moved to Bollywood. Dulal Guhar 'Khan Dost' is his first Bollywood debut. Do several more pictures. Hema Dharmendra's 'Dil Lagi', 'White Jhoot', remake of 'Holiday Trap' with Vinod Mehra, 'Maya Malhotra' etc.

Mithur decided to go to Bombay to do a Hindi film and probably that was a wrong decision.  Mithu worked in a few Hindi films in a row, but his place was second lead. Once she realized that her place in Hindi films is in a minor role. She came back to Kolkata.

But in Bengal by that time, Mahua Roychowdhury has occupied the top position among heroines in Bengali film industry. Mahua is signing everyone's picture. Mithu's producer adaptation didn't work anymore. Debashree Roy was also becoming popular after her films like Troyi, Thirty Six Chowrangi Lane. 

In the nineties, Mithu lit up like a torch for the last time.  Film 'Ashrita' starring and produced by Mithu Mukherjee became a super duper hit. Every woman in Bengal watched this film as a house full. 'Ashrita' was the most sought-after film in the VCR era. No other heroine has achieved the amount of hits Mithu's comeback has in a heroine role. 

But gradually Mithu Mukherjee faded away from both Tollywood and Bollywood industry. Presently Mithu Mukherjee stays in Mumbai.

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