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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Acid Test for Trend in Bengali Films in 2012 after the Release of Khokababu, 100% Love and Aparajita Tumi

What will be the trend in Bengali films in Year 2012?  Who will be the successful heroes and heroines in Bengali films in 2012? These questions are floating in the air. Read this article to get information about the present trend and expected trend in Bengali films

In January 2012, three Bengali films of three hit Bengali film heroes will be released. On 13 January Bengali film Khokababu of Dev ans Shubhasree pair will be released. Aparajita Tume and 100% Love will be released on 20 January 2012. Bengali super star Prasenjit is in the lead role of the film Aparajita Tumi and Jeet-Koyel pair is in the romantic love film 100% Love. The whole Bengal Film industry is eagerly waiting for the release of the films. The box office reports of the three films will determine the trends in Bengali films in the New Year 2012. Many results will come out after the release of these three Bengali films, whether the fully commercial romantic love films will dominate the Bengal film industry in 2012 or Bengali audiances are looking for novel based meaningful parallel films.

Currently Bengali films are passing through good time. In 2011, numbers of box office hit Bengali filmsare not negligible. The most interesting is that small budget films like Ichche, 22se Srabon, Ranjana Ami Aar Asbona, Royal Bengal Rahasya, Gosai Baganer Bhoot were appreciated bu audiances and these films have done good box office business. On the other hand, Bengali film Paglu was a big budget commercial romantic love film. Box office report of Paglu and Shatru, another commercial Bengali films are very good but the other typical commercial films like Phande Paria Baga Kande Re, Romeo are not in the list of hit films in 2011.

Who Will Be the Leading Hero of Bengali Films in 2012

Main hit heroes in Tollywood film industry in 2011 were Prasenjit, Jeet and Dev. Prasenjit is working on different type of Bengali films. The good and bad of Tollywood film industry is still on the shoulder of Bengali film superstar Prasenjit Chatterje.

Dev has gained populatity and he is considered as the the new heartthroab to Bengali film audiances. But the question is that is Dev’s acting in Bengali films enriches Bengal film industry? Dev is simply doing stereo type acting in all of his films and how long people will like the same type of roles? Dev has to switch over to some sorts of critical roles where his acting talent will be tested.  In 2011, many good Bengali films with strong storyline were produced but Dev is not in a single such films. The same can be said for Jeet. Audiances will become tired very soon watching the same type of acting from these two Bengali film heroes. If the films Khokababu and 100% Love become big hit in the start of 2012 then its ok, otherwise both of them have to think about their course of actions.

Who Will Be the Leading Heroine of Bengali Films in 2012

 So far Bengali film heroines are concerned, Rituparna Sengupta  is still dominating the Bengal film industry at the age of 40 plus. No one of the new comers is competent enough to challenge Rituparna. Rituparna Sengupta is acting in romantic roles as well as in critical characters and she is still the number one heroine in Bengali films. It is the high time that any one should take the crown of romantic heroine in Bengali films of recent times.

Koel Mallick is not a new face in Bengali films. Koyel is associated with the Bengal film industry for a long time but what kind of role she is portraying? Koyel Mallick is acting only in commercial romantic love films where scope of acting is very limited. Only dancing with the hero cannot make anyone successful actress and Koyel should keep it in her mind.

New face is always welcome in film industry but Shrabanti Chatterjee has to prove herself as a good actress who can alone make a film hit.

Swastika Mukherjee is also in Bengal film industry for a long time but still no one finds another Debashree Roy or Rituparna Sengupta in her.

New comers like Tanusree Chakraborty, Ushasie Chakraborty or Parno Mitra have secured pass marks for their performances in 2011 Bengali films. We can hope that they will do good jobs in coming years.

We can concude with Bengali actress Paoli Dam. Paoli is in hot news for her bold scenes in film Chhatrak but Paoli has proved that she knows the art of acting also. Paoli Dam is not going to be branded for particular films. Paoli Dam has already started performing in many critical roles and it is expected that year 2012 will be the year of Paoli Dam and Rituparna Sengupta so far as Bengali filmy actresses are concerned.

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