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Friday, September 12, 2014

Bengali Actor Jeet and His Heroines

Jeet is in the Bengali film industry for last 12 years and he has given many blockbuster films in his career so far. Jeet means action and romance. In the last 12 years, Jeet has worked with eleven heroines and has gained different experiences. Here we try to summarize Jeet and his heroines – what Jeet feels about his heroines. 

Jeet and Priyanka Trivedi 

Priyanka Trivedi is the first heroine of Jeet in films and for that reason she is very special to him. Jeet acted with Priyanka Trivedi in film Sathi. At that time Priyanka was an established actress whereas Jeet was a newcomer. Priyanka Trivedi is now married with Upendra and they are settled in Bangalore. Jeet and Priyanka Trivedi still shares a good relationship and that is not a professional one, they are now family friends. Jeet and his wife meet Priyanka and Upendra whenever they go to Bangalore.

Jeet and Srabanti Chatterjee 

Jeet and Srabanti
Jeet Srabanti

Jeet and sweet girl of Bengali films Srabanti Chatterjee has given many super hit Bengali films. First film of Jeet and Srabanti is Champion. During the shooting of the film Champion, Srabanti was a mere kid – only 16 years old. Srabanti Chatterjee is very smart before the camera and very much talkative. Jeet feels that Srabanti’s acting potentiality is still not explored in Bengali films. 

Jeet and Koel Mallick 

Once Jeet Koel pair was talk of the Tollywood film industry. There was many rumour related to Jeet and Koel Mallick. Among the eleven heroines, so far Jeet has worked in maximum films with Koel Mallick. Many feel that Koel – Jeet onscreen chemistry is superb. In the debut film of Koel – Nater Guru, Jeet was her hero. Jeet feels that Koel has improved a lot. At the beginning, Koel was very shaky before the camera but now she has reached the top. 

Jeet and Swastika Mukherjee 

Once Jeet and Swastika Mukherjee had a special relationship. The relationship ended without any positive result but still Jeet remembers the happy moments of those days. According to Jeet, Swastika is the most powerful actress in the Tollywood film industry and she is glamorous also.Presently they are not is good  contact but maintains the talking terms whenever they meet in any party or gathering. Jeet hopes to act with Swastika again.

Jeet and Rituparna Sengupta

Till today Jeet has acted in only one film with Rituparna Sengupta – Aakrosh. On two or three occasions, they were supposed to work again but due to unknown reasons, it was not materialized. Jeet views Rituparna Sengupta as a down to earth person who has reached the top of the stardom. In fact no other Bengali actress has gained so much popularity, respect as Ritu has achieved. Rituparna Sengupta concentrates to her career and at the same time she has great concern regarding her family.

 Jeet and Subhashree Ganguly 

Recently Jeet Subhashree pair is a hit one. Jeet finds dedication in Subhashree Ganguly. According to Jeet, Shubhashree is hard working and ambitious. Shubhashree Ganguly is a good dancer also and Jeet hopes to work with Shubhashree very soon. Jeet shares a personal relationship with Shubhashree apart from the professional one. 

Jeet and Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat Jahan is a rising star in Tollywood film industry. Jeet and Nusrat Jahan worked together in Bengali film Shatru. Presently Nusrat is working in less number of films but Jeet feels that she should get more films.

 Apart from the above actresses, Jeet has recently completed his film Bachchan in which Aindrita Ray has made her Bengali film debut. Jeet has so far worked in one film with Raima Sen although box office report of the film is not encouraging. Jeet has worked with Reshmi Ghosh in Bengali film Aamar Mayer Sapath. Reshmi is now settled in Mumbai and Jeet has no connection with Reshmi right now. Barsha Priyadarshini worked with Jeet in two films and Chandana Bhoumick has worked in one film with Jeet.

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