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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Rituparna Injures Wrist While Cycling

Rituparna Sengupta who is currently spending time with her family in Singapore met with an accident recently. The seasoned actress has developed a habit of cycling to stay fit these days. However, recently she twisted her wrist and currently recovering from the injury.

“It happened when I was about to turn the cycle but in the process twisted my wrist on right hand. The third finger is also injured. It’s paining really bad. But I am slowly recovering. I have also tried acupuncture. Let’s see how long it takes to recover. Otherwise, I am fine. There’s no fracture,” 

The celebrated actress is currently in Singapore with her family and amid all the quality family time, she didn’t put her creative mind to rest. She has even launched her YouTube channel during this lockdown.

Speaking about the ongoing favouritism debate in the film industry the seasoned actress said: “It’s a fact that a star might be more comfortable to work with a certain actor. I have also witnessed many others being cast over me. But that didn’t find me sitting back and complain. I believe losing one chance does not mean the next opportunity won’t come to me. There is a saying, ‘it is a big, bad world’. But I would like to say, ‘it is a big, bad, beautiful world’.”

Rituparna who last appeared in Indrasis Acharya’s ‘Parcel’ will soon be seen in a short film ‘Laptop’ directed by Premendu Bikash Chaki.

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